This week saw the launch of a number of gourmet seafood products from the Spanish company Frinsa ( Although this is tinned food don’t be fooled into thinking that the product inside isn’t top rate. To prove the point a number of Spain’s top chefs, including Paco Roncero and Toño Perez have given the Frinsa products the thumbs-up. You’ll find over 15 tins which include Cockles in Brine, Albacore Tuna, Baby Scallops in Scallop Sauce and Razor Clams in Brine. All these products are available at gourmet food stores and on-line at the Frinsa home page. To make using these premium products easier there is now a new 175-page cookbook (Spanish text) with over 120 full-colour photos and delious recipes. Buy the book on-line at