Spain has a long tradition of cheese production, and every region boasts its own variety. Cheese lovers will be spoilt for choice as they move around the country trying examples made with cow’s, goat’s, and sheep’s milk. Each cheese’s unique qualities are protected by its D.O. – the Denomination of Origin symbol that certifies its authenticity. From more than 63 registered Spanish cheeses try tangy Manchego, sharp rich Zamorano, smoky Idiazábal, savory Majorero, Mahón – with its paprika-scented rind, mild Tetilla and robust Cabrales – one of the world’s greatest blues. Enjoy all these with a glass of wine, a few slices of bread and dried fruits and nuts.  A great place to find out more, and of course buy some to enjoy, is at any of Spain’s many markets. You’ll see row upon row lined up in the glass display cases. In Madrid don’t miss the specialty cheese shop Poncelet ( or in Barcelona La Seu ( which also has an excellent selection.