With the launch of award-winning chef Ramón Freixa’s new website ( finding out what he’s up to and what’s going on in the kitchen just got a whole lot easier.

With text in both English and Spanish the website opens up a world of gourmet, Spanish, food culture, gastronomy and tempting flavours. Chef Ramón decided to use the spoon with its sensual curved shape as his symbol, and the storybook-style layout is full of them.Image

There is an ample biography explaining his early years in Barcelona and his dreams to become, first a rock star, and then a chef. Chef Ramón shares openly his aspirations and explains how his creative energy in the kitchen is transferred onto the plate. Specialising in modern, Catalan cuisine, his dishes are highly sophisticated, playful and often present unusual flavour combinations.

Ávalon by RamonFreixa-Barcelona

For those looking for quick information about his four restaurants – Madrid, Barcelona (x2) and Cartagena de las Indias – there are links to take you through to each.