Tucked away in Madrid’s Barrio de Salamanca is a cuisine hotspot for epicures who love the rich flavours of winter game.

La Torcaz ( specializes in a wide variety of dishes based on the best winter ingredients – venison, hare, rabbit and wild boar. There are also a number of seafood starters which provide a lighter, but simply heavenly, way to begin the meal.


The restaurant’s cosy interior is the perfect place to escape from the cold winds and rain outside. Once inside, the dining room is divided into three areas each with about six tables carefully laid with white starched cloths and elegant flatware. Every detail throughout the meal is well thought out. Begin the experience with a selection of freshly-baked bread. The grain loaf with walnuts is simply divine, especially when combined with the extra, virgin olive oil.

La Torcaz is definitely a restaurant which entices you to linger over the meal. For those who want to sample a few dishes, a number of smaller portions of dishes from the main menu are available.  Perhaps begin the meal with a beautifully presented prawn carpaccio or, a real treat, the sea urchins. These gourmet sea creatures come presented in their shells as a warm, creamy puree topped with a soft-set quail egg. It’s an epicurean experience not to be missed.

Mains are a generous size. An unusual treat are the deboned pig-trotters. After being roasted they are sliced and presented on the plate as beautifully glazed discs accompanied by velvety-smooth mashed potato. A delicious winter dish comes in the form of pan-fried venison medallions served with creamed pumpkin and chestnut purée.

Adding to the experience there is an excellent selection of Spanish wines. Whites go perfectly with the seafood starters while the full-bodied reds bring out the subtle nuances of the game dishes.


For those with a sweet tooth, La Torcaz offers a highly original dessert. Juicy dates are filled with Chantilly cream and then drizzled with honey. It’s the perfect end to a meal.