Seamlessly blending together elements of both Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, Nikkei 225, ( visit ) on Madrid’s sophisticated Paseo de la Castellana, has become the rendezvous de rigour for discerning foodies. Helmed by Chef Luís Arévalo, the restaurant now has a loyal following and one which is constantly growing as the news of his expertise and gastronomic creativity spreads.


With its light and airy interior, this chic restaurant is perfect for informal meals, casual business lunches or, at night, when the lights are lowered, a romantic retreat for dinner. Expect to see famous faces as you are shown to your table.

Diners can choose to be seated at the stunning, back-lit, onyx, sushi bar – the perfect spot to watch the action as the chefs prepare hand-cut sashimi and colourful sushi, or at elegant table settings complete with starched white linens and an array of beautiful contemporary porcelain and glassware.


The extensive menu includes many dishes which are ideal for sharing – an option which is encouraged, particularly at lunchtime. While the dishes at Nikkei 225 owe their origins to Japan, many show subtle influences from Peruvian cuisine. The use of ceviche, chilli and jalapeño peppers are the most notable. It’s a marriage of flavours that works wonderfully.

Chef Luis, who has born in Peru, exhibits real artistic flare when it comes to presenting his gastronomic creations on the plate. Don’t be surprised if you linger for a moment just admiring the visuals before you reach for your chopsticks. Highlights from the menu are king crab drizzled with chilli and garlic vinaigrette, octopus sashimi accompanied by black olive paste, and a wonderful selection of hand-rolled sushi. Desserts include a delightful variation on the Peruvian cocktail, Pisco Sour.

Sashimi hamachi en costra de polvo de migas -NIKKEI 225 (18)

While Nikkei 225 has an extensive wine list, it’s Champagne that is without doubt the best option to accompany the meal. It goes perfectly with every dish, and adds delightful nuances to the flavours on the plates. Nikkei 225 boasts a large selection of top labels and, for those who want to discover the finer points of various food and beverage combinations, there are special Champagne menus which allow you to enjoy three or four glasses of carefully chosen vintages throughout the meal.