Get ready to taste, smell and see haute cuisine inspired by the paintings of Spanish artist Salvador Dalí.

The Westin Palace, (www.westinpalacemadrid.com) in the heart of Madrid, has prepared a special dinner menu inspired by the most famous Impressionist and Surrealist paintings created by the famed artist.

El Momento Sublime bb - Copy

This exciting gastronomic event ties in with what is perhaps the largest exhibition of works by the artist. The Reina Sofia Museum, just a short stroll from The Westin Palace, is currently showing more than 200 paintings by Salvador Dalí. The Exhibition continues until September 2.

Providing the creative input for this highly imaginative project are a number of Michelin-starred and prestigious chefs from Cataluña – the area in north-east Spain where Dalí was born and spent much of his life. They are preparing dishes where the visuals are a reflection of some of the great painter’s masterpieces. The chefs behind the project include Quim Casellas, Marc Gascons and Vincenç Fajardo.

Retrato de Gala con Dos Costillas de Cordero en Equilibrio sobre su Hombro bb

Guests can enjoy these highly sophisticated meals in the unique ambience of La Rotonda restaurant under the 100-year-old stained glass cupola. Dalí was a regular guest of The Palace and spent many afternoons in this delightful space.

The gastronomic, ten-course menu includes dishes which bring to life on the plate the essence of Dalí. ‘Still Life’ – a delicate fried anchovy, ‘Eggs on the Plate, Without the Plate’ – quail eggs on discs of bread and ‘Persistence of Memory’ – a combination of Dublin Bay prawns with prime Spanish meat. Make sure you enhance the dining experience with a selection of fine Spanish wines.